Micro-scale Borehole Projects listed in in Uganda!

The Gold Standard confirmed this week that two more micro scale borehole projects in Uganda have been listed. Therefore, now we have three micro-scale borehole projects in total listed in the Kaliro District in central Uganda. The latest two Gold Standards approved projects involve the rehabilitation and maintenance of hand-pumped boreholes owned by communities in Kaliro District. It is estimated that they will achieve emission reductions of 20,000 tonnes annually, 10,000 for each project.

Many existing boreholes are owned by community groups or community based organizations (CBOs) and have fallen into disrepair because maintenance programmes have been poorly managed, or proven too expensive.  CO2balance works with community groups in Kaliro District and identify broken down boreholes and renovate them so that they deliver clean, safe water and breakdowns are fixed rapidly.  For the purpose of our micro scale borehole projects in Kaliro District we have repaired 30 boreholes. Below are some of the pictures during the repairs!

12. Kakosi WDD 4809  DSC00647



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