Cutting Down on my Fuel Costs

Hannah Njeri Njuguna 75years old widow and a mother to 10 children is one of the beneficiaries of a Carbon Zero efficient stove. She lives in Kirenga village in Lari district Aberdares project region. Considering Hannah’s age she is not strong enough to go to the forest so, she wholly relies on buying wood from wood vendors in Kambaa a few kilometers from her home – though this is expensive for her considering she is doesn’t have a reliable source of income. She says having used a traditional three stone stove previously was pathetic as she used a firewood load of ksh400 which lasted 3days. She says that this was too expensive for her. Currently she narrates that since receiving Carbon Zero stove the firewood load of the same price now lasts for a week. To her this is tremendous change that she even wishes to have received the Carbon Zero stove earlier in her life. She says that it may be difficult for any other person to believe how expensive firewood could be but for her she has experienced it and she can never look back. She says at times she even used to skip meals because of lack of firewood to cook something she cannot do as of now.

The most well-known causes of death in developing countries today include dangers such as unclean drinking water, malnutrition and HIV infection. Cooking, on the other hand, probably would not make the list of recognized killers. However, for the more than 3 billion people who stand over fires to cook every day, preparing food poses just such a life-threatening risk. Hannah says that previously while using three stone fires she experienced persistent eye irritation due to excessive produced, coughing, tingling and numbness thus forcing her to visit the hospital most of the times. She added that chest problems as a result threatened her health but since got the energy efficient stove her health has stabilized.
She further says that using a CZK stove has also created her some time to supervise casuals on her farm hence able to enhance her farming activities.

Armed with newer, more efficient stoves Carbon Zero Kenya continues its work in the community to touch lives and impact society.

Deeper growth

Over the past two years, co2balance has worked with partners in Uganda to develop safe water based carbon projects. We have learnt several lessons and grown to our 5 fully operational projects with two projects in the pipeline.  For further information on how to partner us visit the company website

The biggest partnership we realized we had to develop was that with the communities. To have a functional water project it is necessary that aspects of community health and sanotation are included within. Communities have a structure through which such activities are developed. The policy in Uganda is actually that such structures must exist for every single borehole community. We have found that this loose management structure and its voluntary nature of operation comes with some shortfalls but we have found that community input is of utmost necessity if any long term sustainability is to be achieved.

A past community meeting in Alebtong District

A past community meeting in Alebtong District

Through our partners we have been able to train these communities and impart the responsibility of management upon them. In the coming weeks we indeed have activities like this planned in otuke District. Otuke has shown some good examples of well managed boreholes so we are looking forward to see more active community participation after the training in sanitation is carried out.

A well fenced borehole at Goi B in Otuke. This shows the best level of protective fencing for boreholes.

A well fenced borehole at Goi B in Otuke. This shows the best level of local protective fencing for boreholes.

We expect to improve our community engagement within the next xouple of months but we are no doubt doing something right to see a response like the above from a community.

We aim to continue with this positive approach when we expand with our second project in Kaliro. We are always interested in partnering with like minded individuals interested in using innovative solutions to help solve problems faced by communities. To get in touch with someone from co2balance email or as stated above, simply visit our website to find out more about the impact being created by the work of co2balance.