Chlorination and Reactive Repair

There are various ways of disinfecting wells but the most common is chlorination as it leaves a residual disinfectant in the water after chlorination.

In a bid to provide clean water and eliminate the use of firewood to purify water, chlorination is one of the most effective ways of disinfecting water.

Over a couple of weeks, Co2balance has carried out chlorination and reactive repair of some of its sites in the Lango sub-region. Chlorination of 20 boreholes was done in the Districts of Kole and Alebtong.

Reactive repair was also done in Dokolo and Kole to fix new pump handles, replace chains and fix connecting rods.Pida 2- BORKOL002 Oyetoleyi-BORKOL001 Apye- Technocal Assessement Apye- Assesement Alip- Chain fixed on the connecting rod Alip - Handle being replaced

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