Co2balance and United Purpose issue Carbon Credits for 4 Borehole Projects in Malawi

After several years of collaborating on delivering safe water supply to rural communities in Malawi, Co2balance and United Purpose successfully issued the four initial projects for the second time. Covering 5 traditional authorities in Dowa and Kasungu  Disctricts, these projects have repaired and are maintaining approximately 40 boreholes in rural areas of central Malawi.

The second issuance of these projects is particularly encouraging, considering the positive feedback we received from community members during our annual monitoring surveys. Responses indicate both gratefulness for the existing work that has been done as well as a demand to conduct further repairs in order to reduce travel times and temporary queues at water sources.

Experiencing further demand in Malawi and successfully generating income streams, encourages expansion of these successful projects, which is currently under review. Please get in touch if you’d like to know more about our work in Malawi.

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Successful Issuance – Rwandan Cookstove Project

It is never late to share good news: we have issued over 30,000 credits from our Rwandan cookstove projects last December! It was the second issuance for the GS1267 which was the our first project to be implemented in Rwanda. The cookstoves in that specific VPA have been operational since early 2014 and are still in use in the stove beneficiaries households. Fortunately in the past three years there was no need for stove reparation, only the replacement of the wood grates at few households, confirming the durability of the in-house designed improved cookstove.

Below are few pictures about the improved cookstoves from the most recent trip to Rwanda. More pictures from the field will come soon, stay tuned!