Reducing Carbon Emissions through Improved Cook Stoves in Kenya

At the end of September the 2nd Verification for the Meru South improved cook stoves project will take place. Meru South is one of thirteen districts located in the Eastern Province of Kenya, northeast of Mt Kenya with a population of approximately 250,000 people.  In 2000, 72% of the population in Meru South lived below the poverty line.

CO2balance installed the first stove of the project activity on 14/03/2011. During last year, 994 cook stoves were distributed and a total of 8129 stoves since the project’s start in 2011.  The local people have received stoves free of charge and have been directed in correct use of the stove by local community groups engaging with the project developers. In Meru South the improved cook stoves significantly reduce fuel consumption, by approximately 49%, resulting in an improved living environment for local people and reduced pressure on local forests, with approximately 17690 tonnes of wood saved only the last year. In addition, new employment opportunities have emerged related to the different phases and scopes of the project.

However, the most important fact is that by reducing fuel consumption, CO2 emissions from combustion of non-renewable biomass have been correspondingly reduced by 28,954 tCO2e the year 2013-2014. Moreover, CO2balance plans to distribute in total approximately 20,000 domestic wood-burning improved cook stoves in households within the project area in Meru South.

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Introducing myself

Hello everyone, my name is Antonis Foukaras and I feel really excited to be a part of CO2balance team. I have joined CO2balance a bit more than 2 weeks ago and I have been impressed by the people who work here. I come from the lovely island of Cyprus in South Europe (the second biggest island in the Mediterranean Sea) and I have lived in Britain the last 3 years.  I have a Masters in Ecological Economics from the University of Edinburgh and previously I studied Economics in the University Of Crete, Greece.  I love travelling, meet new people and cultures and of course love dancing salsa. I have a passion to the environmental sector and I want to contribute to CO2balance’s goals in Carbon offsetting, reduce CO2 emissions and promote sustainable development. It’s been a great pleasure to be a part of CO2balance team and I feel really happy that I have the opportunity to work with so many interesting projects in different countries. As I said, I am really impressed by the people in CO2balance, their level of knowledge, their positive attitude and the help that they have provide me in order to get accustomed to life here in Taunton and feel at home. I m sure that I will have an amazing time here with you guys, work together in interesting projects, find solutions to practical issues  and gain significant knowledge.  Thank you very much and I’m looking forward to communicating with you again.


In the photo below is me in Nakuru National Park, Kenya, during a filed trip with the University of Edinburgh. I had a lovely time there and I hope I will have the opportunity to visit again.